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Clemons provides its customers with the service, experience, and solutions as the basis for our prolonged success in the water and wastewater field. With our highly qualified staff, we effectively manage our projects and give our customers the most for their money.

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Plum Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
Experience - our project managers have 60 years' combined experience in the water and wastewater industry - it's made us knowledgeable; our field staff has over 80 years combined experience.
Our ability to self-perform various tasks offers an important alternative to controlling costs. It makes us competitive .
Projects run smoothly - schedules, quality control, and owner budgets all benefit, saving money.
South Adams County Well Facility
with underground vault, piping, chemical feed equipment
We welcome the opportunity to join your project's team. Contact us.
  for Wastewater Treatment Plant, see: Front Range Airport WWTP
  for Clarifier Improvements, see: Plum Creek Clarifier Improvements
  for a Well Facility, see: Castle Oaks Well Facilities
  for Draw Wells, see: Beebe Draw Wells
  for Water Improvements, see: Ft. Lupton Water Treatment Plant
  for a Pump Replacement, see: Lochbuie Pump Replacement


  Chemical feed equipment installed at Ft. Lupton Water Treatment Plant. Owner:   City of Fort Lupton
  Engineer:   Clearwater Engineering
  Project:   Water Treatment Plant – Phase 11
  Description:   Installation of backwash recovery system, chemical feed control, replacing existing air compressors, rehabilitation of existing plant rooms, chemical feed piping, et al.
  Contract Amt:   $1,048,140.00
By working with the Engineer, we limited change orders to 2% of the project cost.
  Project Manager / Superintendent:   Jeff Clemons/Bruce Miller

  Underground vaults, piping and chemical feed equipment installed at South Adams Water Sanitation District's Well. Owner:   South Adams Water Sanitation Dist.
  Engineer:   Mueller Engineering
  Project:   Wells 35, 82 & 91
  Description:   Performed at three sites. Installation of precast vaults including piping, flow meters, chemical feed equipment, site piping, downhole well equipment, electrical and
  Contract Amt:   $1,010,168.00
  Project Manager / Superintendent:   Jeff Clemons/Bruce Miller

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