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For over 30 years Clemons Construction has been replacing, repairing and updating treatment systems for our customers. With rising costs and critical needs, plant services are now in greater demand by treatment facilities across the State. Clemons Construction, a family owned business, aggressively formed Clemons Plant Services to meet these demands and simultaneously minimize rising costs for customers.

Clemons Plant Services is managed by Jeff Clemons - Vice President, an excellent leader with over 20 years expericence in the industry. Many of you may know him and appreciate his thoroughness. Along with Jeff, our team will assist you in achieving crucial scheduling, budgeting, and overall cost control. Our expertly qualified superintendents will follow through to implement your project needs in the field.

Services offered include:

  • Headworks Structures, Bar Screens, Fine Screens, Conveying Systems
  • Pumping Systems of all types
  • Clarifiers, Contact Basins, Inclined Plate Settlers
  • Aeration Basins, Blower Systems, Diffusers
  • Sludge Handling Systems, Chemical Feed Systems, Dewatering Systems
  • Mixed Media Filters, Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration
  • Disinfection Systems, Carbon Filtration
  • Flow Measurement Systems, Sampling Systems, Flumes, Gauges
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Piping and Valves
  • Wet Taps, Dry Taps
  • Electrical

Recent Plant Services Customers:
Denver Water Moffat Treatment Plant - Headworks Structure CO2 Storage and Feed System, Reinforced Concrete Paving, Gravity Filter Concrete Restoration

Centennial Water and Sanitation District - Retaining Walls, Valve and Actuator Replacements, Weir Gate Rebuild, Concrete Pipe Supports

City of Golden Water Treatment Plant - Control Room Upgrades, Replacement of Butterfly Valves and Piping, Booster Pump Replacement and Installation of Mechanical Sludge Collection System

City of Louisville Water Treatment Facility - Centrifuge Feed Pump Replacement

Town of Lochbuie - Booster Pump System Replacement; WWTP Valve Replacement Project

Give Clemons Plant Services a call today for cost effective solutions -
Jeff is available anytime at jclemons@clemonsconstruction.com
Telephone (303) 346-7356 (Direct Office) or (720) 373-1829 (Cell).

Barry Boyd, Project Manager, will call you soon to discuss how we can best serve you.

For over 30 years we have built a reputation of integrity, honest and simply doing things the right way. We look forward to serving you.


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